Is psychological therapy confidential?

The psychological service offered is strictly confidential except in cases where the life of the patient or others is at risk. The professional practice complies with the Code of Professional Ethics for Psychologist of Ireland. If you want to know more you can read the file that has been attached.

Code of Ethics

What are the most common reasons for consultation?

Here are some of the most common reasons that are described in consultation: anxiety or excessive worry, stress, depression or constant sadness, sexual problems, interpersonal difficulties at work, with the partner, with family or friends. Likewise, big personal life changes, focusing problems, inadequate anger management, low self-esteem or low motivational level, managing child behabiour and desire for personal growth or personal development.

Do I need to take medicines?

The psychological approach to treat or prevent mental disorders does not involve the prescription of any medication. The psychologist uses other strategies and/or types of therapy that have been developed within the science of psychology to help the patients attending consultation. The psychiatrists, who are trained in medicine (doctors) make use of the pharmacological treatment in their clients. In the event that the patient is considered to require psychiatric care, the relevant reference will be made to such specialist.