Starting Your Life in Another Country and Succeeding

October 21, 2017


Once upon a time...


When you first make the decision to leave your home country, you have many dreams and illusions. You are full of fantasies, enthusiasm and goals to be achieved. A new world awaits you and you have already left behind what you felt did not fit with you, you are open to change and adventure.


You are willing to do everything, to leave family, friends, cities, university, work, food, culture and in some cases even eager to accept the fact of learning and communicating in a different language and live in the culture of the country.


You walk now along the new streets and roads, everything is full of novelty and beauty. You admire the new architecture, you contemplate the sky, the mountains, you breathe air of relief and serenity, it seems that you have finally found some peace or tranquility that before seemed unreachable or impossible to you. You feel free, able to fly, just alive.


So, little by little you move on and you get into this new world, you have already found a place to live, maybe not how you dreamed it, but it does not matter because the priority is to have a bed to rest after a long day of studying and/or working that leaves you exhausted.


As the days goes by, you do not get used to the weather, it is very different from what you were used to and you have tried hard to study and understand the new language, but the truth is that you will love to be able to sing and speak in your native language all day.


The work is something else that sometimes becomes unbearable, you think that having changed countries has become a great setback for your career or your studies. Now, you miss your family, your friends, your streets of a lifetime, your food, your culture, your clouds and even the sun, that wonderful star that greeted you in the morning and kept you warm throughout the day.


Are you doubting?


One day you stop and think, what do I do here? you have realized that you feel strange and that sometimes you just want to run away. That what once was a dream come true now seems to bring you more sadness than joys, more sorrows than surprises, and sometimes disappointment.


But you know what? we have all gone down that road, everybody has been throughout that circle of emotions and thoughts, something like a roller coaster that goes up and down and around uncontrollably. We all go through surprise, joy, peace, sadness, fear, stress or even frustration.


Starting or building a new life in another country can mean making your dreams come true or become a tortuous journey, everything will depend on how you perceive what is happening to you and the actions you decide to take on through the journey aiming to face or solve whatever appears on your path.


You are the only one who can decide at this moment whether this experience will turn out beneficial for you helping you grow and evolve as a person and / or as a professional; or just become into one more episode of your life that you regret.


What can I do then?


When you fall, get up and think of all the dreams and illusions that brought you to where you are. And remember that each day is one more step towards your success, the difficulties only allow you to grow and become stronger.


Problems are opportunities to become more creative and seek solutions, problematic situations are opportunities for personal development. Do not expect the environment to change and adapt to you, rather reflect and think about how you can change yourself for your own benefit.


Every step you take, every action you make may seem small, but believe me it is not, every effort is worth it and no matter how slow it sometimes seems to be achieving your goals, what really matters is that you are ascending, that you are on motion, that every day you wake up and give the best of you to the world and yes, to yourself as well.


Do not compare yourself with others, the only competition is with yourself. Only you know everything that has required from you to be where you are right now and to be who you are today. Therefore, let others become a guide or source of inspiration for you, but never mean discouragement and disappointment to you.


Think about yourself and be honest about what you have done to get what you want, think if you have really done or take all possible actions to get what you desire, reflect and realize if you have explored in a comprehensive way all the options you could access to, or are they just still waiting for you. As the saying goes, "knocking on the door does not mean that you will get in," but it's the first step towards your dreams.


Starting a new life and leaving a mark is not going to be achieved by sitting down and regretting or complaining about things we do not have or seem far from us, it requires a lot of patience, daily work, effort and persistence in actions and thoughts of what you want is possible.


Never lose confidence in yourself and the faith you had in the beginning of this journey when making the decision to give your life a radical spin and start from scratch in another country. Remember that even birds stumble before they fly smoothly, they learn slowly to balance their bodies and move their wings to resist the wind, fatigue and overcome great distances.


If you are feeling that adapting to a new country has become very difficult to cope with and is affecting you in a negative way, or perhaps you are now going through a situation in which you can not find a solution or exit, you do not discard all the benefits that can bring seeking psychological help.





Camoa Bastidas Burke 

Clinical Psychologist  


Contact me:

Mobile: 089 410 69 12





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